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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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just common sense. god bless and god bless this president for having the patience to put up with these fools. byron york. th which, lou dobbs the best on business. lou: good evening, breaking tonight, what may b may become a constitutional conover proper leader of president trump appointed mulvan mulvaney to th, and obama left over, deep stater is now suing trump administration seeking to usurp the president's executive power and in effect overturn part of the government of the united states and takeover the consumer financial protect bureau, she is doing it with full support of democratic party leaders and obvious act w act we essence ofe
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republican establishment, we take that up with greg jarrett and chris ferrel in moments, also democrats under fire, congressman john conyers stepping down as ranking member of house judiciary committee amid allegations of sexual harassment. but congressman conyers has surprise support of house minority leader, nancy pelosi who defending congressman conyers as an icon. in pehl approximately' pelosi me law and to be judged by a lower standard than mere republicans or any other citizen not a leftist or a dem. and senator franken has apologized for allegedly groping women, but he is not resigning, he is instead vowing to learn from his mistakes.
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perhaps, senator frankenstein as president trump calls him, has found the path forward for judge roy moore. who has only to learn. we'll eplore possibilities and we take it up here tonight. our top story, we have entered a new phase of the left so-called resistance to the trump positive see it, a -- trump presidency, a clear attack of deep state and the lack on our constitution and our government. a clear open revolt against the lawful federal government and subversion of the trump administration is in high. obama appointee with a full support of democratic party leadership is trying to interfere with duly authorized act of this administration. her name 3 andhra english. and she has temerity to sue
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trump administration in effort to prevent president trump, from appointing mulvaney on the job. our fox correspondent christian fisher may have the latest on what may be a historic. >> they have been battling it all day long with tweets, e-mails, and lawsuits and doughnuts as weapons, a power struggle. white house budget director mick mulvaney, named acting director friday by president trump, versuslleeanne english. come monday morning no one guy who was really in charge of the nation's top consumer financial watch dog agency, mulvaney's team fired off this picture of
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him. later said. >> my name is on the door. reporter: just minutes later english sent an e-mail to staff, saying she was in change, signed acting director, prompting mulvaney to sudden out his own e-mail, and instructing to disregard. an empty doughnut box, a an olie branch. less than a year ago. >> do you still believe that cfpb is a sad sick joke? >> i do. reporter: mulvaney said he would still get rid of it if he could, even as he trying to lead it. >> other agencies could do to job. reporter: jish i english is nowg
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trump administration. >> director mulvaney has taken charge of the agency, he has full cooperation of the staff. reporter: it was established by barack obama, part of a dodd-frank reform in wake of 2008 financial crisis. >> bury will be a watch dog for the american consumer. reporter: by his side, senator warren, who is one of the biggest champions of the cfpb, she met with english on capitol hill, and on the president's radar, to honor native american war heros. >> we have a representative in congress who say was here a long time ago, they call her poc poc. >> it is unfortunate that president of united states cannot make it through a ceremony honoring the heroes without throwing out a racial slur. >> white house press secretary said.
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>> i think most people find offensive is senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. reporter: on a day when tax reform should be front and have after meeting with members of finance committee president trump remain the confident he will be able to keep his promise to american people and give them tax cuts in time for christmas. >> i think that tax bill is going well, we had a might on it inned, a tram t tremendous tax . >> a court judge gave government attorneys a deadline, to file their opposition to english a lawsuit, as for english's future, government attorneys would not give assurances. assurances. lou: thank you. >> joining me. we're joined by chris ferrel. and fox news legal analyst, greg
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jarrett. good to have you both. chris, this is something to watch. the consumer financial protect bureau, a play thing for the left. why is this even an issue that the president does not have the .er to appoint -- the power to appoint head of an against. >> this is not an issue, this is a publicity stunt, left lashing out at the president -- >> lashing out? this is pitiful, weak and silly. >> they are running it through a federal courtroom making ridiculous claims that no one buys, this just racking out. this is a precocious child stamping its feet. you know, miss english
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belongings in the same boat as sally yates. perhap they with spend christmas together. lou: this administration, why not fire this woman get her the hell out and be done with it. >> what they should have done, lawsuit is wholly without per it. this is say legal no brainer. if you put it on a bar exam. students would get 100 percent. president has unfettered power and authority to appoint head of each and every executive branch agency. lou: what is going on with this administration? because this is starting to look like an attempt to establish weakness rather than strength, at the time when this president is being assailed from every quarter by deep state, democratic party and, of course,
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republican establishment. >> i don't know what is going into his thinking, maybe he wants a federal judge who is considering it tonight to weigh in on this first. he has the power and authority, to hire and fire, of the 4 million executive branch employees that includes armed services, each one, he is the boss. lou: but, i have to say, chris, we're looking at right now, a president who is has a justice department that is gone rogue. it is an absolute disarray. it is unlikely that anyone could predict the direction it is going it take or leader the attorney general will engage on, on any issue that i can think of. i have never seen the likes of it. >> there are two problem, president for whatever reason, decided to stoop to concur.
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he joined the argument, which an error. he should have ship down the operation -- have shut down the operations of bureau, it give you an idea how bad the cfpd is, imagine hud on crack. lou: that is ugliest images you have come up with. >> it is accurate. the sad thing is i they have turned banks and utility, and done all they could to in some way suppress capitalism, that is what this is about. remember cfpd is the brain child of senator warren. this is something that fdr could have only dreamed of. lou: only dreamed of, a nightmare for so many. but we're also confronted with
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practical issues. among them we learn that fbi did not inform in one instance. victims and intended victims of russian hacking, 2300 of them, who were being targeted by russian hackers. there is no explanation to why, other than, there were so many of them. lamented and attempted to excuse, said the fbi. >> it is inex us inexcusable and unethical. lou: is there something wrong here that has substance, an inappropriate relationship between fbi leaders and russia. >> i think there is collusion between comey and mueller to force president out and overturn an election, it may attend to those in -- extend to those in fbi. lou: why not get a investigation
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of fbi ledder shep now, this is -- leadership now, this is at the very best, this is idiocy and ignorance on part of a leadership in the fbi that already shown itself to be historically idiotic and ignorance. >> someone made a decision, that decision is documented. this is not you know, an error of oversight or omission. in fbi official somewhere made the decision not to notify these persons and corporations who were the subject of the russian attack. that person needs to be identified and named, judicial watch is pursuing its own avnies, just in the last week we have uncovered, more -- of documents we're pursuing this as well, anything we get we'll make public. there is a larger stem systemic question, someone made an
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affirmative decision not to inform the entities who were being attacked by the russians, who was that official? lou: one tomorrow is president of united states. >> president, was asleep at the switch, obama did nothing. lou: there comes a time, we have to be honest, it is far past the time where we every in national media, everyone, should be acknowledging that there are too many instances where president obama was ashrine a asleep at t, who did not do something he was required to do, some was passive when action was required. if the president of united states, now, is being investigated for collusion with the russians, why the hell isn't opponent who did nothing in the face of the take over of crimea? incursions against the ukraine.
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turning 150 billion dollars over the large of the state sponsor of terrorism in the world. what is this madness? >> president obama is also the individual who champions sale of 20% of america's uranium assets, vital national security asset to the russians with i have to assume he knew about the underlying racketeering scheme by the russians. lou: do you think his buddy eric holder made have mentioned it over drink somewhere? >> i think we need to get a hold of the daily briefings to find out when what the president knew and when he knew it, and why he did nothing to stop it. lou: i am grateful. but i have to say, the attempt by the national media and refusal of the republican
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establishment, to attack on every one of these issues, is nauseating. i think that every american should be sick to his or her stomach that we've tolerated such abject disgusting attacks on our nation, our government our interest by ran an administration that has not even begun to be held to account. lou: >> president obama has a lot to answer for, and history will be writing about chapters of his ineconomineffectiveness, and loe other way when crime are being committed. >> when does he become an accomplice. >> i have argued those who covered up the uranium one deal,
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including mueller and rosenstein are complicit. >> greg is 100% correct, that is more disturbing, how about the here and now, the thundering silence from the president's own party? lou: absolutely, act we essence. chris and greg, thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back with more stay with us. >> president trump said it is a big week for tax cuts, pressure is on the senate. >> it will be the biggest tax deduct in the history of the country, it will bring jobs, it will bring a lot of income, coming in. lou: will republican leadership be able to deliver the bill by christmas? we take it up with ed rollins and michael goodwin. and democrat frank en said he is
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lou: joining me now ed rollins, and michael goodwin, fox business contributors. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: let's start ed, with what in the world? why would you not, if you are president trump, just fire these idiots. >> there is n rational reason tt i could give, other than the white house did not plan for this. they should have had a plan on day one, taken her out could lock her door. lou: she looked like she was in costume playing a part on a stage. >> they are playing a part. president has all power to 5 anyone in the government. -- to fire anyone in the government, i worked for a president that fired all air traffic controllers after giving them warning. lou: people have no idea, who did not live in that moment, what an astounding shock not
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just off society, culture and political system, president reagan fired 21,000 air traffic controllers, there was loud hal luaer who us. >> it stopped all municipal workers who were going to go on strike, it set a tone, that is important. lou: that is what president trump has not don, w donald true should identify that. we have opportunity after opportunity to set marker strike the tone. >> in many ways, lou, trump is rear toically -- rear toically an exceptional president in his habits and things he has not didn't he is quite conventional. with still so many obama hold overs in key position, this is a
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sign of continuity not the revolution he was elected to carry out. we have talked a lot about media, new york times and washington post are now stronger than ever by varityiv virtue ofr leading the resistance. the president still talks to them. >> waiting out there. in this country are people who voted for and supported this president. who has now allowed himself to be chorealed, he is more constrained in certain ways that appropriate, thank god he is not giving up his twitter acount. you know. he has given a bit to idea it is more important to appear presidential than be right and for his voice to strike the right note and his administration to deliver on the wall, where is that wall? >> i think being presiden presis using power of presidency and
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exerting discipline among the employees that you have. that is what country wanted, idea you still have hold overs from obama administration should be fired. lou: to tillerson's credit, he is ripping that place up. they have looked over and supported crisis after crisis, in the mead middle east, it is horrific to watch and contemplate the money those fools in that near east desk in state deputy pe -- department permitted over course of two decade, they squeal like pigs because they don't get the report they deserve and -- respect they deserve and are shown the door, good for you tillerson, good for you president trump. >> you know the sky is falling, you are doing something
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different, president obama didn't do that, you can't do that. that is how presidency gets widdled down. lou: president obama did, this president should even tolerate. >> right. >> he has undone a lot. lou: thank god. >> it is important, in addition to kelly, one of my jobs in white house, i was the one who went to agencies. and person who told reagan he had to have a discipline arian was richard nixon, iy can became unpopular in the course of high careermy career this is okay. lou: it is not okay for this president to be blunted in his instincts. i think that there are a lot of special places in hell, i think one of those places is reserve for those who would blunt the
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instincts of a man or woman whose instincts prove to be a lantern in the darkness, president trump is carrying that lauren important righ lantern ri hate to see it happen. >> if he can get tax reform through, i think that the change dynamics a lot. lou: if he does not. >> then he is in trouble. lou: i am afraid this will be conventional thinking of the media. he is in trouble because he didn't get tax reform, fact of the matter is, this is the damn responsibility of mitch mcconnell it is the damn report of responsibility of the relationship establishment, it will be a pox on the house and senate in my opinion, there will be hell to pay at ballot box next year, this president will not suffer as a result, i predict. >> if republicans lose congress
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he will suffer, the democrats will try to impeach him from day one. lou: what will happen? >> they will get nothing else done. lou: they won't have that it will be same result as with republican leadership. we'll be right back. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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lou: two democrats refusing to step down amidst allegation of sexual misconduct. al franken speak out. he was somewhat contrite, or seemed to be. in the house congressman john conners boost by minority leader nancy pelosi. james rosen with our report. >> i am going to try to learn from my mistakes. reporter: in miss first news
11:32 pm
conference since four women accused him of sexual misconduct, franken vowed to work to regain voters' trust. but he declined to specify where he disputes his accusers accounts. >> i take a lot of pictures, thousands of pictures, tens of thousands of people. those are instances i do not remember. reporter: republican senator marco rubio of florida said the things he already admitted to i find to be outrageous and offensive and i think on that alone he should consider resigning. nancy pelosi surprised many with her defense of democratic colleague john conyers of michigan who showed called an icon. >> they have not come forward. >> you don't know if you believe the accusations.
11:33 pm
>> that's for the ethics committee to review. reporter: he stepped down as the ranking member of the ethics committee on sunday. matt schlapp, chair of the american conservative union wrote, pelosi is a survivor and knows she can't lose support in the black caucus so she is gentle with conyers. former staffer melanie sloan reports he once appeared for a eating in his underwear and behaved inappropriately. >> he once pulled me out of a meeting and berating me for not wearing stockings opening some 100 degree washington day.
11:34 pm
and bar done confirmed the authenticity of a phone call she made. lou: we are coming back with much more, stay with us. new reports the fbi failed to notify hundreds of officials that hammers were trying to break into their email accounts. is the fbi colluding with russia? we take up the alarming report with cyber expert morgan write. this motocross biker tearing up the sand dunes of california's mojave desert. mojave desert. stay withhhhh ♪
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lou: the big story of the day wct fbi deciding not to notify hundreds of american targets of russian hearing. joining us is cyber-security expert morgan wright. of all of the tories we reported on cyber attacks, hacking by russians and foreign states, this one is the most of troubling to me because it means
11:39 pm
the fbi decided not to do even the decent thing which is to at least notify their fellow citizens that they are under assault by russians there this was supposed to upset the obama administration. weren't they supposed to be concerned about russian hacking? >> you would think so and think at some point there would be notifications. in january they cleaned house and they have a new person in charge. what happened before, i'll tell you -- lou: i'm talking about the obama administration where all of this took place. >> they cleaned house before the election. right after the election they cleaned house and got some new people in there. you have got to have faith and confidence in the fbi. lou: no you don't have to. there is no reason for any
11:40 pm
american to have fate and confidence in the leadership of the fbi. >> i'm not talking about now. i'm saying for this to work people have to have faith. and what happened was -- lou: don't trust them until they earn it. >> we are going to have to see some things. what we do know is there is a lot of notifications that should have been made. lou: how many? 2,000 americans were under attack and weren't notified. >> i will say it's probably more than that. never believe the first up in that comes out. lou: don't you trust the fbi? >> i trust some people in the fbi. but as an institutions there are some institutional problems inside the bureau, inside the secret service. >> i'm a former cop, lou, you have got to help me out. i don't want to throw people
11:41 pm
under the bus. lou: when you screw with the american people the way the fbi leadership high school done for years, it's time for an accounting, time to clean house, and comey was just the beginning. >> you have got to retore faith, confidence and trust in the american people. and it has to be demonstrated through actions. what does the fbi know? how many people were targeted? how were they targeted? were they targeted in a coordinated campaign. lou: we can't get a straight answer from the fbi leadership on the hacking of the dnc. that president didn't do a thing about taking russia's take of crimea. didn't do a thing about the known meddling by russian hackers, state actors meddling
11:42 pm
in our elections. >> in your earlier segment when you started talking about the entrenched bureaucracy. what tillerson is doing by getting rid of some of the folks. that bureaucracy has been one of the biggest impediments to transparency because there are people there who are only there to protect their job. they don't care about the outcome. the status quo. we have got to be there. lou: i have got to understand something. we have straighten out the desk that has been responsible for 25 years of conflict that cost this country even told numbers of lives and six-plus trillion dollars. and we have to trust the fbi? and it's not appropriate to question the fbi?
11:43 pm
we are at a type when we have to question everything about this government. and americans have to get over the idea that they are going to sit here like fat, happy doaps and take whatever is spooned out by the federal government and these two political parties. >> he use -- reagan said trust but verify. but now i say verify first. i think we have gone too far down a path where the american people have lost confidence in so many things because we can't verify what's out there anymore. we find out the word was not accurate. once we get to the bottom of this, i guarantee you it's probably more than the uber data or equifax data breach. never trust the first number
11:44 pm
that comes out. lou: i love the fact that in the kearse of this conversation you and i conclude in agreement. >> yes, sir, we do. lou: be sure to vote in our poll, do you believe any credible collusion investigation should begin at the doorsteps of the fbi and the obama administration? i will give you a hint about where i stand. i guess i already did that. cast your vote on twitter. watch as this motocross athlete conquers the breathtaking sand diewnts of the mojave desert. spectacular and it looks also like a lot of fun. spectacular stuff. robert mueller steps up pressure on a former trump advisor amid
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growing serious questions about his character, his talent and his conflicts. byron york will join to us take up the mueller-driven witch hunt and much more. stay with us we are coming right
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lou: another sign former security advisor michael flynn could be working out a deal with the suppression prosecutor. last week his attorney informed president trump's legal team his client could not discuss defense strategy with them. joining me is byron york. we'll spend some quality time together tonight going through a number of issues. we'll start with a column you wrote last week in which you talked about the fbi's inability to verify the so-called trump dossier created by feution gps and famously christopher steele former intelligence operative
11:50 pm
for the british. i asked at the time when does that equal fault? >> we may be getting close. you may have heard a lot of statements from democrats saying the dossier had been verified. it checks out and had been proven right. what i discovered is there are talks going on between house intelligence committee and the fbi and one of the things the house intelligence committee asked in a subpoena on august 24, they said tell us everything you have done to try to verify and corroborate this dossier. fbi officials have told the house they have not been able to verified the substantive allegations in the dossier. they have verified vladimir
11:51 pm
putin is the leader of russia. so there are facts in the dossier. bust radioactive allegations that, for example, the head of russia's giant state-owned oil company offered carter page 19% of the whole thing in return for getting sanctions stopped. those substantive allegations of corruption conclusion they haven't been able to verify. lou: and the issue becomes how in the world can the leaders of the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee, the judiciary committees of both houses, how can they continue with this. how can mitch mcconnell, majority leader of the senate, paul ryan, the speaker 69 house, by their acquiescence condone this continued, happenless,
11:52 pm
pathetic so-called investigation of collusion on the part of the trump administration when they all know that what they have constructed here is a farce. >> i think you need to treat both houses differently. you have the senate investigation of being a bipartisan investigation. lou: can i interject? the chairman of the senate intelligence committee is just a tool. he's a tool to mark warner weren't ranking democrat. burr said to a single press, i would like to give you preliminary findings, but we have none, we have none because there are none. then he said we are of course with a wink and a big old grin said we are going to expand the investigation after 6 months. he's a silly man to put himself
11:53 pm
and his record, his legacy, full, in harm's way. >> let me direct you toward the house investigation which is the result -- lou: the media is television and that means we have a break. at the other side of that break you are going to hear exactly what byron wants to tell us. thank you for your patience, byron. up next an obama appointee tries to subvert the president's authority. let's begin. yes or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet? do you want $4.95 commissions for stocks,
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lou: in our online poll last week we asked who is the bigger turkey, mitch mcconnell or paul ryan. we have a definitive answer. mitch mcconnell the runaway winner. 83 to 17 percent. byron, extraordinary reporting. as we wrap up on the deep state and leftist shenanigans and the gop establishment's collusion with them. where do you think the collusion investigation goes? >> the one to wrap up the quickest will be the house intelligence committee. you will have two reports. they are divided by party.
11:58 pm
you will have a democratic report and a republican report. the senate investigation may take longer and ends up in a muddy, shapeless mess. don't know if that's going to be the case. but i'm sure some republicans would not be unhappy if that's the case. robert mueller, we don't know. he's the one with the power to charge people with crimes. lou: he's the most of deeply conflicted tea monday them all. let's turn to speaking of frustration, the consumer financial protection bureau, and she decided she swantsd to be the acting director, and director appointed her.
11:59 pm
mulvaney and the president said not so fast. >> this was stunning. the president has the law on his side on this. basically if you look at the office of legal counsel and the justice department. they did an opinion on this. and if you look at general counsel of the cfpb, she said she agreed with the justice department on this. lou: if there is a time an acting director to be appointed by a an -- by a departing direct yoorm one we are in a hell of a mess. >> the audaciousness in saying the acting director appoints the director. it doesn't make any sense and it's not supported by the law. lou: the will of the people or
12:00 am
just common sense. god bless and god bless this president for having the patience to put up with these fools. byron york. th much for being with us. kennedy: washington's sexual harassment fiasco continues to snow ball. should police be able to track your cell phone without your consent or warrant? did you buy anything on black friday or cyber monday? we'll you inside a shipping facility. both sides have trying to minimize their guilt and exaggerate the other's misdeeds for political gains. as long as we are obsessively talking about it, nobody has to do any work.


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